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The cost to clean the dryer vent of a 1 story home is $95.00

Included in the cleaning

  • The entire length of vent pipe is cleaned.
  • The roof cap is cleaned from the roof
  • The lint screen housing is cleaned
  • The dryer vent hose is cleaned or replaced

Schedule Basic Clean

Please contact us for pricing for 2 and 3 story homes.

We may be able to clean out the dryer cabinet if needed. If Lint has backed up into the dryer cabinet due to lack of maintenance. The dryer Cabinet is opened and all lint inside is removed. This procedure is not part of the standard cleaning. It is available for an additional cost.

Dryer Vent Repair is also available (see the dryer vent inspection and repair page on this website for reasons a dryer vent may need to be repaired). Most dryer vent repair work is done in the attic. Such as reconnecting the dryer vent pipe to the roof cap after a roof has been replaced.

installing a dryer vent is also available. Please call for pricing for any of the above options.

Also available:

  • Replacing broken or damaged, or adding wall vent covers
  • Removing screens in roof caps.
  • Install dryer vent boxes********

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The Real cost to clean the dryer vent

If you are unfamiliar with climbing up on the roof or into the attic consider this. I received a call from a gentleman that needed his dryer vent cleaned. The Saturday before, he attempted to do it himself. He fell through the attic drywall and spent the rest of the day in the ER. He then had to repair the ceiling. Hiring a dryer vent cleaning company first would have saved him a lot of pain, time, and money.